Insight News

Insight NewsThere is no risk unless we care about the outcome. We can reduce risk by reducing our exposure (what we have at-risk), and by acquiring more information.

Thanks to the Internet, we no longer have to pick up the newspaper on our way to work; now we can just find news in Google, online newspapers or our email box. The question is how much of this news is about our business; what we buy, make and sell; our customers; our competitors; our suppliers; or our local governments? How much news is out there that we care about?

Insight News© just does that. It brings to our desktop or mobile devise (IPAD and smart phones) news directly from Google News© about the company in eight (8) different categories: Company, Resources, Activities, Products, Locations, Customers, Competitors, and Vendors.

Using a web-based interface, the risk manager can combine “key words” from the other ChancesR® applications, and assemble multiple “queries” that Google will use to bring news under each category. Each query becomes a hyperlink where the user can click and access a list of the latest news that matches it.

Insight News© provides the risk manager with one more tool to identify risk in a real-time using Google, the largest and best search engine in the world. Instead of spending countless hours trying to find the news that is important to our business.

Insight News© brings it to our desktop 24/7, 365 days per year.